Wonderful Town (Leonard Bernstein)

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Wonderful Town
Leonard Bernstein

Act I

I. Overture — Orchestra
II. Christopher Street — Tour Guide and The Villagers
III. Ohio — Ruth Sherwood and Eileen Sherwood
IV. Conquering New York — Ruth, Eileen, First Cadet, Violet and The Villagers*
V. One Hundred Easy Ways — Ruth
VI. What a Waste — Robert Baker and Associate Editors
VII. A Little Bit in Love — Eileen
VIII. Pass the Football — Wreck and The Villagers
IX. Conversation Piece — Ruth, Eileen, Frank Lippencott, Robert Baker and Chick Clark*
X. A Quiet Girl — Robert Baker
XI. Quiet Ruth — Ruth
XII. Conga — Ruth and Brazilian Cadets

Act II

I. Entr'acte — Orchestra
II. My Darlin' Eileen — Eileen and Policemen
III. Swing — Ruth and Villagers
IV. Ohio (Reprise) — Ruth and Eileen
V. It's Love — Eileen, Robert Baker and The Villagers
VI. Ballet at the Village Vortex — Orchestra (danced by the ensemble)
VII. Wrong Note Rag — Ruth, Eileen and The Villagers
VIII. It's Love (Reprise) / Finale — Eileen, Robert Baker, Ruth and Entire Company

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